Age Gracefully with Cosmetic Dentistry

Growing older today does not mean you’ll look and feel anything but terrific.  Today, seniors have access to cosmetic procedures which save their teeth and keep them smiling brightly.  The most important changes to monitor as we age are covered in this short video, “Oral Longevity”, compliments of the American Dental Association (ADA).

If seniors will meet the signs of aging aggressively, they will be able to turn back the hands of time.   Simply staying on track with watching for the following potential problems and seeing your dentist promptly should they appear will keep seniors in good dental health.

  1. Sensitive teeth are not normal.  Make an appointment to see your dentist.
  2. Receding gums are not normal at any age should be checked by your dentist
  3. Unusual discoloration of a tooth or teeth is not simply part of the aging process
  4. Any sign of infection or tooth decay (cavities)
  5. Ulcers or other inflammation in your mouth including bleeding or discomfort from dentures
  6. Dry mouth which is commonly a side-effect of many medications

Today, your dentist is loaded with an arsenal of newer treatments which will help you keep your mouth healthy for a lifetime.  Here are some of the results and the choices you have for correcting any dental problems you may face.

Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions For Seniors

Tooth Whitening:  Probably the least costly and fastest procedure.  It can be accomplished in-office or at home.

Dental Veneers:    Will cover misshapen teeth, cracked teeth and severe discoloration.  These are tiny porcelain covers for your teeth which are applied in your dentist’s office.

Implants:  Would you like a “lost” tooth or teeth back?  Implants give today’s patient this option.  No dentures to take in and out.  No bridges which might damage the tooth to which they are attached.  Implants are done by specialists, and while more expensive than other procedures, implants are the best substitute for lost teeth.

Reconstruction of Your Mouth:  This complete mouth remake removes and replaces old crowns, fillings and bridges.  As the term states, it is a complete rebuilding of your teeth.  You may require some implants to replace partials or bridges and receive veneers for worn, discolored teeth.  This is a multifaceted, in-office series of procedures which will completely restore your mouth.

Seniors can rejoice knowing today virtually any problem they may face with their teeth can be handled by their dentist.


Part 3 of a 4 part series on Dental Health As We Age

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