Boomers Will Make 80, but Will Their Teeth??

So us Boomers will make 80, and maybe even longer.  Will we still have our teeth?  For the most part, that depends upon us.  Most dentists are ready for the shift in the demographics of their clientele as boomers soar in numbers.  Boomers aren’t ready to turn over, but many are looking for a make over and their teeth are no exception.

Cosmetic procedures performed on the boomer population are expected to soar.  The three most common procedures will be in-office tooth whitening, veneers, and implants.  Boomers are different from their parents and grandparents.  They want to keep their teeth, all of them.

The formation of plaque seems to be the culprit most often in the way of a healthy mouth for the boomers.  Plaque formation, when untreated by a dentist and hygienist, leads to tooth decay and receding gums.  These are two of the biggest reasons people lose their teeth.

Boomers —  Well Educated on the Subject of Preventive Dental Care.

They are highly interested in Dental Insurance Plans because they realize to keep their teeth will require frequent visits to their dentist.  They are also savvy enough to know they don’t have to accept the side-effects so common to the drugs many boomers are already taking or soon will be.  Patients used to simply tolerate the dry mouth so many medicines create.

Dry mouth is an environment where teeth are more susceptible to decay.  If you are on medicine which causes dry mouth, consult your dentist for help with the products designed specifically to correct this problem.

Keep Your Teeth With Preventative Dentistry

Boomers protect your teeth and have a brighter smile by doing the following:

  • Try In-office tooth-whitening
  • Avoid Tobacco products
  • Eat a Well-balanced diet.
  • Floss Daily
  • Brush twice per day
  • Repair badly discolored, crooked and worn teeth with veneers
  • Visit your dentist regularly either twice per year of four times per year


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