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The American Dental Association recommends a visit twice a year to your family dentist and likewise a twice a year visit to your family dentist by every other member of your family too. Like your family physician, your family dentist acts to protect your dental health through preventative dentistry. Family Dentistry and General Dentistry are very similar with regard to the preventative practices common to both.

What really separates the family dentist from the general dentist is typically the family dentist cares for a wide range of ages, while many general dentists limit themselves to certain age groups. Dr. Gehrig accepts patients three and older and is able to serve families well. In addition, he thoroughly enjoys giving the family care his practice is able to provide.

When the twice a year appointments are kept, most visits prove uneventful for the patient.  This semi-annual check up usually involves a cleaning, maybe a flouride treatment to prevent cavities, and a thorough visual examination by Dr. Gehrig.

Usually when family dentistry is practiced in this fashion the dentist and the patients have a preventative care partnership. When the “every six months” visits are kept, most dental problems are discovered long before they even create symptoms or certainly any major problem.

Fort Pierce Family Dentist, Family Dentist in Port St Lucie Area, Family Dentistry at Family Oral Health

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The family dentist is a valuable resource for education and referral to dental specialists when needed. Most family dentists will treat caries, the disease producing cavities, by removing the diseased area and then filling the space or cavity.

Cosmetic Dentistry in many forms is also provided by Family Dentists and Dr. Gehrig performs a wide variety of those procedures.   Bonding, Veneers, Whitening, minor orthodontics and the removal of silver fillings are some of the more common cosmetic  procedures he offers.

Many Family Dentists will perform some minor dental surgical procedures, will handle some or all types of root canals, and will do deep cleanings and scrapings.  Please see our Services page for more details about the procedures  Dr. Gehrig would perform.

However, when the dental condition warrants the treatment by a dental specialist, your family dentist will refer you to that specialist for the care you need.

Read more about Dr. Robert D. Gehrig, DMD and Family Dentistry on our “About-Us” page and see the range of services and procedures he performs on our “Services” page in this website.

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