Geriatric Dentistry – Special Care for Special People

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Geriatric Dentistry For The Ones You Love

Normal aging brings with it age-related disorders, which requires special dental care to help older adults with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental problems. The skills and experience in geriatric dentistry by Dr. Gehrig and his staff provide these older patients with the necessary dental care and proper oral health.

Some older patients may face multiple medical conditions, dental complexity, diminished functional status or loss of independence in the aging years. Seniors benefit from the proper advanced techniques in dental care in comfortable, relaxed surroundings from Dr. Gehrig.

Older patients in the Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie areas are fortunate to benefit from Dr. Gehrig’s experience in supporting and enhancing the oral health necessary for the elderly. Poor oral health becomes a risk factor in the overall general health for older people. Aging increases the risk of conditions or diseases in the gums and teeth. Root caries, attrition, periodontal disease and missing teeth as well as ill-fitting dentures, dry mouth or oral ulceration increase as people age. Declining immunity in the aging years also poses dental problems. Sometimes, simple medications for other health issues can affect a person’s oral condition.

geriatric dentistry, special needs, elderly patients, seniors, dental care for the aging patient

Geriatric Dentistry for Senior Smiles

Dr. Gehrig helps improve the quality of life for older patients with his experience and skills also used in special needs dentistry. Age may increase the risk of ailments such as arthritis, for example, making it difficult for elderly patients to take care of their teeth. Dr. Gehrig provides older patients in the Fort Pierce-Port St. Lucie area with comfortable office accommodations to analyze and treat patients to repair and help them avoid dental problems. Dr. Gehrig also helps patients in nursing home facilities or arrangements can be made for house calls in certain cases. The staff at the Treasure Coast office can also educate older patients whenever possible in ways to improve their personal care with the disabilities they may have.

Older patients need and receive the same basic dental care as all patients who visit Dr. Gehrig’s office. The treatment may include restorations, crowns, bridges, implants and other fixtures to help seniors enjoy their lives with healthy teeth, which helps improve their attitude, appearance and overall health. The geriatric dentistry procedures from Dr. Gehrig and his highly-qualified staff provide elderly patients along the Treasure Coast with the latest in dental care in coordination with other health care professionals to reduce normal aging problems in a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere. Dr. Gehrig has the understanding of the medical and dental aspects of aging to repair any damaged barriers to healthy living with his expertise in managing elderly dental care.

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