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Special Needs and Geriatric Dentist, Dr. Bob Gehrig, DMD

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Dr. Robert Gehrig Has Privileges At Lawnwood Regional

Many people suffer needlessly from dental problems created when they postpone dental visits from some real or phobic fears of going to the dentist. Today, and in our office, this a needless fear because we practice all forms and levels of sedation based upon the patient’s needs. This has proven especially beneficial for our special needs patients who are frequently unable to communicate effectively.

We specialize in offering Nitrous Gas, Conscious Sedation, and General Anesthesia as an outpatient at Lawnwood Regional Medical Center and Heart Institute in Fort Pierce, Florida.

In a recent article, San Francisco Dentist, Dr. Itani explains these options for patients:


San Francisco Dentist Samer Itani, DDS Explains Sedation Dentistry Options for Those Who Need It

For patients who suffer from a phobia, extreme discomfort or a disability, a routine dental exam can be an extremely difficult experience. San Francisco dentist Dr. Samer Itani explains how the latest options in sedation dentistry can make visiting the dentist more comfortable for those who need special care.

….today there are many options, including sedation dentistry, that help patients overcome their fear and anxiety and assist with any other issues that prevent them from getting treatment.



The effects of nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” are known to be pleasurable and wear off shortly after the exam is over.



In some cases, Dr. Itani may suggest an oral anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) medication like Valium, which can be administered with or without nitrous oxide.


Intravenous (IV) sedation, also known as “conscious” sedation, puts patients in a sleep-like state of consciousness, which makes it comfortable to sit still through the appointment. Even in this semi-conscious state, patients are able to respond to questions and directions while they are medicated.



The highest level of sedation… General anesthesia may be required for patients with extreme dental phobias, physical limitations, or developmental disabilities, and for those who need treatment that lasts a number of hours. It must be performed by an anesthesiologist and the dentist must be affiliated with a hospital.


We thought you’d like to know about these services and to learn Dr. Gehrig has privileges at Lawnwood Regional Medical Center and Heart Institute. You are in good hands at Family Oral Health, under the watchful eye of Dr. Gehrig.

If you’d like to become a new patient at Family Oral Health, please contact us today.




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