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Preventative dentistry focuses on the beginning or potential progression of oral disease to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Finding early signs of decay or gum disease, also called periodontal disease, not only stops the development of dental problems, but also saves you medical costs in the long run. Dr. Gehrig and his staff perform thorough examinations to spot early signs of dental decay, receding gum lines or any oral changes that signal immediate attention for lifelong dental health.

Services in the Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie area office include teeth cleaning to remove tartar—harmful deposits that form on the teeth and gum line—as well as examination of the teeth and soft tissue with various screening methods. Comprehensive exams include panoramic and digital radiographs, head and neck exams, bite and jaw joint analysis and a cosmetic assessment. Newer techniques in dentistry include computerized devices to measure the bacterial content in the mouth for early diagnosis of periodontal disease. Dr. Gehrig performs a medical review of your health conditions and medications before examining existing teeth, restorations and appliances. A detailed treatment plan is then provided for you with consultation, based on your individual needs and personal preferences, always with your budget in mind to fit your particular care.

Dr. Gehrig and his staff recommend appointments twice a year for examination, periodic cleanings and sometimes fluoride treatment to prevent cavities and other dental problems. When you stop in for a simple dental check-up every six months, you will find that Dr. Gehrig’s preventative and family dentistry care makes visits quick, easy and sometimes fun. That’s because your friendly partnership with your Treasure Coast dentist and staff results in few if any dental issues. The underlying conditions have been discovered and treated long before you develop major problems.

Preventative Dentistry care becomes an important function in oral health starting in childhood. When children are evaluated at a young age, it can provide a lifetime of dental-free problems and bright smiles. Your friendly dentist can provide young children with fluoride supplements and applications, such as sealants on children’s teeth to protect crevices and other areas of the teeth from bacteria and prevent tooth decay. Childhood is also a time to find potential risks and correct a child’s bad bite to avoid dental problems down the road. Dr. Gehrig’s Preventative Dentistry Practice offers peace of mind for patients throughout the Fort Pierce-Port St. Lucie area with thorough examinations that ease your family of worries as your children grow with healthy teeth.

You can also protect your child’s oral health starting from infancy, even before teeth appear, by

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Preventative Dentistry Tools for the Family

cleaning your child’s gums after feeding. Brushing and flossing play key roles in dental health as children progress into adolescence. Childhood is a good time to learn about preventative treatment. Your dentist can do everything possible to keep teeth protected from cavities and gum disease, but preventative dentistry care also takes place at home.

Regular dental visits protect the oral health of children and adults, but practicing dental hygiene continues through your daily life. Dr. Gehrig and his staff can educate patients about at-home care for children and adults, explaining the proper techniques for brushing and flossing to remove plaque from between the teeth and at the gum line. Regular brushing, flossing and mouth rinses, along with proper nutrition, make your visits to Dr. Gehrig’s Fort Pierce office a friendly and enjoyable routine.











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