Root Canals Relieve Pain and Can Save Your Tooth

Many myths surround the endodontic procedure known as a root canal, and one of those is that this procedure is painful.  Actually, this procedure relieves pain because the nerve which has become infected and inflamed within your tooth is removed and the tooth is then sealed to prevent further infections.  This dental procedure can save your tooth and make it possible for you to avoid an extraction.

Once a tooth is removed, to keep your teeth from shifting either an implant or some form of denture will be needed to replace it.  Not only will this be necessary to keep your smile, it may make the difference in whether other teeth are compromised too.

Why is a Root Canal Necessary?

endodontics,root,canal,infected,inflamed,toothache,abcess,save tooth,fort pierce,port st lucie,Dr. Robert Gehrig,look naturalTo fully understand why a root canal might be considered is to fully understand how our teeth are constructed.  There is the hard outer layer with which we are very familiar, but inside there is a softer area called the dentin and inside the dentin, an even softer tissue area called the pulp.  The pulp is where the nerve and all the blood vessels are located within your tooth.

When you were little, and your teeth were developing, you needed your pulp and the nourishment it brought to your teeth.  As an adult though, your teeth can get enough nutrients from the surrounding tissues and can survive without the pulp.  This is what makes a successful root canal treatment possible.

When you hear the word Endodontics as it relates to dentistry, it simply means any treatment which is directed to the inside of the teeth.  A root canal is such a procedure occurring when severe inflammation and or infection occur inside a tooth.  This can be caused by a number of things, most commonly a chipped or cracked tooth, a bad crown, or a deep cavity infection.  Sometimes trauma to the teeth can cause pulp damage too.

What Happens to My Tooth During a Root Canal Procedure?

root,canal,save,tooth,endodontics,inflammation,infection,abcess,pain,relief,port st lucie,fort pierce,Bob Gehrig,DMD,DDSRoot canal procedures for the most part have become routine practice in dentistry, and can normally be taken care of in one visit.  There may be circumstances that require a second visit, but usually it can be done in one visit.  Your dentist will drill into your tooth and expose the nerve and the root(s) of the tooth.  He or she will carefully clean out and disinfect the area, then carefully fill and seal the tooth.  Ultimately, a crown will cover the tooth to protect the dental work.  You will not be having a painful experience with either the procedure itself, not the aftermath.  Your pain or toothache will be gone.

Saving your tooth has many benefits that will be lost if you simply have it removed (extracted).  Saving your tooth will prevent surrounding teeth from excessive wear and tear, will leave your teeth looking natural, will allow you to continue chewing effectively, and will keep your mouth feeling normal while you are chewing your food.

In other words, this procedure could save you future dental work, make you look natural, and best of all this tooth should last for the lifetime of you and your teeth.







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