Special Needs Dentistry For Those In Need

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Special Needs Dentistry Helps a Stroke Patient

Special needs dentistry, or special care dentistry, provides oral health for people who have physical, mental or medical challenges. Dr. Gehrig attends to these patients in our handicap accessible office or provides care and treatment in a nursing facility or hospital. House calls may also be accommodated for special needs patients.

Modern dentistry offers many options to correct dental problems and treat each patient who requires special care. Special needs may apply to people who have an impairment or disability because they are mentally challenged, medically compromised, physically challenged or suffer from such disorders as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. In our office, all patients are provided with comprehensive and confidential treatment.

People with special conditions need the same basic needs as all patients, the American Dental Association notes. These patients may include people with stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, mental retardation, Down syndrome, genetic disorders or severe ailments such as arthritis. Regular dental visits help special needs children and patients avoid unnecessary dental problems. The experienced staff at Dr. Gehrig’s office plays a vital role in providing treatment plans for disabled patients in the Fort Pierce-Port St. Lucie area. The office facilities include comfortable areas that are accessible for the disabled, or arrangements can be made for out-of-office care.

The friendliness and skills of Dr. Gehrig and the office staff help in educating patients with special needs, just as other patients are educated in the importance of dental care. In some cases, disabilities can make oral hygiene difficult. Dr. Gehrig and staff members have the training and experience to improve and simplify at-home dental health, so special needs patients can feel more in control of their personalized dental care. Caregivers are also offered advice on the dental needs for patients.

As with all other patients of Dr. Gehrig, special needs patients benefit from the wide range of

special needs dentistry, special needs girl, handicapped child

Special Needs Dentistry for This Little Girl

services available. Special needs dentistry includes providing patients with restorations, crowns, bridges, implants, root canals, extractions, biopsies of soft tissue, complete and partial dentures, treatment for temporal mandibular joint or TMJ disorder, periodontal exams and maintenance, cleanings and cosmetic analysis.

Dr. Gehrig discusses treatment plans for special needs patients, based on their individual needs and preferences. A consultation explains all options available to patients to correct dental problems and to keep their teeth healthy with regular visits and treatment. Special needs patients have enough concerns in handling their particular disabilities.

Special needs dentistry is very “special” to Dr. Gehrig and he cares for those unable to come in the office by visiting the nursing homes and through hospital consultations.  Having the proper oral health and fewer worries about future dental problems allows patients to enjoy healthy lives, thanks to the friendly, experienced staff at Family Oral Health on the Treasure Coast.


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