Surgical Dentistry & Oral Health

Surgical Dentistry, Dr. Robert Gehrig, dental implants, extractions Surgical Dentistry and Big, Beautiful Smiles

Surgical dentistry, also known as oral surgery, involves dental procedures that alleviate problems with your teeth and gums. Dr. Gehrig and his staff offer surgical techniques that are as painless and comfortable as possible for patients. Dr. Gehrig’s team assures patients they will receive the best professional care without the worry or stress involved in anticipating dental surgery. The professional dental surgery performed at Family Oral Health Associates limits the discomfort and post-operative pain sometimes associated with oral surgery. Your dental problems will not only be corrected, but you will also once again be sporting healthy teeth and a bright smile.

The surgical dentistry procedures at Dr. Gehrig’s office include most extractions, biopsies of soft tissue and mini implants. Services also include preparation for and applying complete dentures, immediate dentures, partial dentures, implant retained dentures and partials. Surgical dentistry may involve root canals, crowns, veneers, bridges and other minor applications for your dental or cosmetic needs. Dr. Gehrig will refer you to highly qualified specialists in the Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie area for more complex oral surgery.

Patients receive thorough examination, evaluation and consultation before Dr. Gehrig proceeds with necessary oral surgery. Extractions may be necessary because of decay or shifting of certain teeth from damage. Simple procedures remove teeth that are not comfortably visible or partially hidden. In some cases, crowns, partial dentures or implants can protect your teeth for health or cosmetic reasons. Other issues may call for extractions, including teeth that haven’t developed properly and block the function of other teeth or preparation for bridges, braces or cosmetic measures. Tooth replacement may be necessary because of accidents. Patients can have their damaged or lost teeth repaired or replaced when coming to a dentist for immediate attention.

surgical dentistry, tooth extraction, family oral health, fort pierce, port st lucie Surgical Dentistry Brightens Teeth

You can keep a beautiful smile with implants and partial dentures when certain teeth must be removed. Dr. Gehrig and his staff at family oral health can perform this procedure, which not only restores the appearance of your teeth, but also avoids dental distortion that leads to other problems due to lost teeth. Surgical dentistry plays an important role in maintaining oral health by preventing damage to tissue and the formation or your overall teeth. Dr. Gehrig can advise you on ways to keep your teeth healthy with necessary additions and replacements while improving your appearance. Yes, oral surgery also provides more attractive teeth in many cases. It’s not uncommon for patients who have lost or damaged teeth to leave Dr. Gehrig’s office with a brighter, happier smile and a new outlook on life after only a few sessions, thanks to modern dental technology!

There’s no longer any fear for patients who need dental work and oral surgery. You will be surprised how much can be done to restore your dental health by visiting the office of Dr. Gehrig in the Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie area. Local anesthesia makes dental work pain-free whether you need extractions, crowns, bridges, implants, partials or other additions for healthier teeth and a remarkably improved appearance.

Surgical dentistry is a vital part of the service we offer through Dr. Robert D. Gehrig, DMD.  Please see  other services available by visiting our services page.