Many of Us Need Toothpaste to Do More Than Clean

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Toothpaste - Choose Then Use the One You Love !!

Today a quick walk down the aisle of the grocery store or your local drug store can confuse a person who is only trying to buy  a tube of toothpaste. There’s tartar paste, whitening paste, peri-dontal paste, sensitive tooth paste, non-abrasive paste and  the list goes on and on.

My patients frequently ask me which paste do I recommend and is one toothpaste better than another. Do I really need  toothpaste at all? won’t brushing with baking soda work just fine?

What’s really important is for you brush and floss at least twice daily. After that, your body will tell you if you need toothpaste for  sensitive teeth. A glance in the mirror will likely let you know if a whitening paste would improve your smile.

Apparently, a colleague of mine from Pennsylvania had this to say recently, and I must say to him, “I couldn’t have said it any better”.


Choosing The Best Toothpaste

DO YOU EVER FEEL OVERWHELMED by the wide variety of toothpaste choices available at your grocery store or pharmacy? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone!

A recent American Dental Association survey found more than half the adults surveyed are concerned about caring for their teeth and gums and are confused about which dental products to buy!

Toothpastes come in a dizzying array of flavors, colors, and formulations, and it’s normal to feel a little swamped by the  choices. Fortunately, choosing the right toothpaste for you really doesn’t need to be stressful.

If you brush and floss daily, get regular dental checkups, and use a “standard” toothpaste that contains fluoride, you don’t  have much to worry about. However, to help you on your quest for the perfect tube of toothpaste, here are some suggestions…

As you’ve probably noticed, some specialty toothpastes include:

Tartar Control: these toothpastes usually contain sodium pyrophosphate or sodium hexametaphosphate, which help keep the tartar  at bay and prevent stain above the gum line. However, these toothpastes are only useful in preventing new tartar, not getting  rid of the stuff that’s already there! You’ll need a professional cleaning for that.


Antimicrobial: these toothpastes often contain stannous fluoride, which is an antibacterial agent that helps prevent cavities and treat sensitivity.


Whitening: Whitening toothpastes help remove and/or prevent stains from settling on your teeth. If used regularly, these toothpastes can make your smile brighter.

Choosing your toothpaste is a very personal decision; everyone has different preferences and dental concerns…Always remember, the best choice is one that you like enough to use twice a day!


Dr. Sattler and I agree on this for sure…. Your best choice is the one you want and will use at least twice a day. Oh, and it bears repeating to remember tartar control pastes only stop new tartar from building up. You need to keep your dental cleaning appointments to remove any old tartar.

Call 465-4545 and make your cleaning appointment today.


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